Blue Ribbon Event … Amazing!

The students and staff would like to thank everyone who attended our special Blue Ribbon School event on November 19th!  It was a special evening filled with inspirational words and songs. We would like to extend our gratitude to our guest speakers, Mrs. Kathy Danek, LPS Board Member, Dr. Steve Joel, LPS Superintendent and Dr. Roger Breed, Nebraska Commissioner of Education.

It was an honor to welcome back former staff members and students for the ceremony and open house. The evening was filled with laughter, applause and words of congratulations.  Students Job Teburson, Katlin Hulshizer and Kemberly Escobedo shared their Blue Ribbon essays with the audience. Our Norwood Park Chorus sang, “I Am A Child of This World” beautifully and with passion.  The Norwood Park Girl Scouts opened the evening’s event with a flag ceremony.

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Dr. Roger Breed, Commissioner of Education presents the NBR plaque to Mr. Gary Zellweger, 3rd grade teacher.