Have You Read “Our School Compact” Lately?

Each semester it is important to review the key points of our school compact between students, staff and parents so that we all remember our commitment to learning.  Our students and staff will be reviewing the compact during our morning opening sessions this week.  We would like to remind parents that you play an important role as well!  Here are the parent commitments in the compact:

Parents agree to:

  1. Maintain and foster high standards of academic achievement for my child
  2. Involve myself daily with my child’s academic growth by taking time to talk to, listen to, and provide a quiet place for my child to do homework.
  3. Support my child by attending conferences, communicating with the school, volunteering, and providing current contact information.
  4. Ensure my child receives adequate sleep and nutrition and attends school regularly and on time.
  5. Discuss with my child what they are learning at school.


The full version of the compact is on the school website (click) and in your NP Calendar Handbook.