Emergency Bus Evacuation Drills … More Information

School Bus Emergency Evacuation Drills for Norwood Park Bus Riders

K-5 … March 6th & 7th     Preschool … March 8th

In order to comply with standards that require the practice of emergency evacuation from school buses, the Transportation Department intends to conduct bus evacuations drills this week as follows:

Tuesday, March 6th – Buses will be 15-20 minutes late due to early run schools completing emergency evacuation drills delaying our pick up time.

Wednesday, March 7th – Kindergarten-5th grade bus riders will complete their emergency evacuation drill prior to departing the school. They will arrive at the bus stop 15-20 minutes later than usual.

Thursday, March 8th – AM Early Childhood drill will take place prior to the bus departing to take students home on Thursday, March 8. PM Early Childhood drill will occur after the bus arrives at school on Thursday, March 8 prior to going to class. This will be coordinated with the preschool teachers.


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